Meet Gugu (@MsGeeGumede), growing up, she was always surrounded by petite women and that made her think there was something wrong with her, so she was always on diets, to the point whereby she even carried slim shakes for lunch in high school. A lot of people assume that eating disorders are only for skinny people, but even we big people go through eating disorders and obsessing over starving ourselves to shrink down to couple of sizes. “I remember how much I used to hate shopping because I would constantly have to experience that young moment of shame when walking out of a shop without getting my size,” she says. For the sake of being at peace and happy, at the age of 16, Gugu decided to stop being cruel to herself & accepted herself as she was, and since then, she fell in love with her own body.‬
‪The most memorable thing about Gugu, from the photo shoot, is her sassy attitude and how she just feels herself, it’s difficult not to notice her because she is definitely “Tyra Banks” , always smizing and doing the damn modelling thing ! Thank you for being an inspiration, your confidence is contagious!

Wow motivation💛. Perfect imperfections. Nothing beat confidence…

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